Gemstone Bracelet

Our unisex gemstone bracelets are made with natural gemstones and come in a variety of sizes for teens, women and men.
54 results
Unisex Mashan Jade Bracelet
Unisex Jasper Bracelet
White Sponge Coral Mala
Wood Mala Bracelet with Buddha Charm
White Jade and Brecciated Jasper Bracelet,
Scenery Jasper Om Bracelet
Rose Quartz and Black Rhombus Charm Bracelet
Negativity Defense Bracelet, Black Onyx Paris Bracelet, Black Onyx Eiffel Tower Bracelet, Black Onyx Paris Mala, Mala
Patience Mala, Patience Bracelet, Blue Durmortierite Healing Bracelet, Blue Durmortierite & Rose Gold Pave Bracelet, Mala
Purple Tourmaline Om Bracelet, Purple Tourmaline Om Stackable Bracelet, Purple Tourmaline Om Mala, Purple Tourmaline Om Mala Bracelet, mala
Sodalite Lion Head Bracelet, Sodalite Lion Head Bracelet, Sodalite Lion Head Mala, Sodalite Mala, Mens Sodalite Mala, Mala
Natural Riverstone Bracelet with Gold Lotus Flower Charm
Mashan Jade and Howlite Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx Unisex Bracelet
Green Lace Jasper Om Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli and Gold Unisex Bracelet
Jasper Stackable Balance Bracelet
Jasper Stackable Namaste Bracelet
Mahogany Obsidian Om Bracelet
Mahogany Obsidian Family Tree  Bracelet
Mahogany Obsidian Buddha Bracelet, Mahogany Obsidian Buddha Stackable Bracelet, Mahogany Obsidian Buddha Mala, mala
Lapis Lazuli and Black Onyx Unisex Bracelet, Black Onyx Cross Bracelet, Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, Black Onyx Bracelet, Cross Bracelet, Mala
Energizing Laughing Buddha Zebra Jasper Bracelet
Genuine Rose Quartz Bracelet
Genuine Red Tiger Eye Bracelet
Genuine Rose Quartz Ballerina Bracelet with Gold Accents
Genuine Brecciated Jasper Ganesh Bracelet
Genuine Rose Quartz Bracelet
Genuine Red Jasper Bracelet
Genuine Howlite and Rose Quartz Bracelet
Genuine Blue Goldstone Bracelet
Genuine Howlite Bracelet
Energizing Zebra Jasper Bracelet,
Faceted Marble Bracelet
Faceted Marble Family Tree Bracelet
Faceted Marble Stackable Bracelet Set
54 results
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