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Inspired by my daughter and with a passion for creating the shop was formed.  It began with a focus on children, creating tutus and jewelry that delight them and are a reflection of the love caregivers have for the little ones they raise.  

The shop quickly grew to include items for those big people taking care of all those little darlings.  It started to include bracelets for men and women and bangles, earrings and necklaces for teens and women.  Soon to follow came bangle collections, some formed from my own creations and some formed from inquiries from friends like you. 

Soon came aromatherapy items and I quickly realized that there are a multitude of other items I want to provide to help bring a little brightness and smile to everyone's extremely busy lives.

And so we've come to what you see today, a small shop located in Medford, MA originally focused on little ones that now focuses on the household.  Hopefully we have something that can bring a little smile to your day, be a token of appreciation for all that you do and bring a little  sunshine, ease and gratitude to your day.  And if we don't have anything in stock that does that just check back in.  As you can see from our story, we continue to grow and expand and try to bring new lovelies to you.


Take care




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